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At Sick Luck Tattooz, your health is important to us. Our quality tattoo services ensure the use of autoclave, surgical gloves and new needles that are tossed after use.

Tattoo before and after care. You will be fully briefed on before and after care throughout your consultation and appointment, but here are a few key points:

Before Care

  • Stay hydrated so your skin is hydrated and healthy.
  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before your appointment for pain resilience.
  • Shave and gently exfoliate the tattoo area twice weekly to prepare the surface of your skin for the ink.
  • Eat before your session. Your body will need the fuel for pain management.
  • Dress comfortably.
  • Bring some form of entertainment for a distraction.
  • Don’t use numbing products on the area to be tattooed and don’t come in under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

After Care

  • Know that everyone heals differently.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Clean your tattoo by removing the bandage before 12 hours and gently washing with mild soap and water.
  • Gently apply healing ointment to tattoo until the peeling stage at 3 to 7 days. Do not pick at the flaked and peeling skin.
  • Avoid sun exposure and stay out of the water (except for a quick shower).

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Stay tuned for body piercing services once our license comes through!

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